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We work in New York City charter schools and are active in our union. Read our stories and find out how we are working in our schools to make improvements for our students and ourselves. Meet more of your colleagues >>


We believe that schools work best when educators are respected and when they are included in program and policy planning. We believe collaboration and communication are most successfully achieved when educators are organized and have the collective power of a union. We believe our union can help us do our jobs and help our schools reach their goals.

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UFT ACTS is part of the United Federation of Teachers, a union of over 200,000 teachers, nurses and other professionals in New York City. The UFT, in turn, is affiliated with the statewide New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) and the 1.5 million-strong national American Federation of Teachers (AFT). The resources and expertise of the UFT, NYSUT and AFT are part of what we gain when we join UFT ACTS.

The UFT represents educators at over 20 charter schools in our city. The AFT is supporting charter educators like UFT ACTS members in multiple states throughout the country. Read more about the UFT, AFT and charters.