Unionized charter school teachers need your support

In January 2010, educators at the NYC Charter High School for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries (AECI) in the Bronx formed a union at their school to provide a positive and stable school culture for their students. Educators delivered letters to the school’s principal and board of directors that called for a more formal voice in school operations to “strengthen our school community and enhance the educational experience of our students, faculty and administrators.” A few months later the board formally recognized the union, and contract negations began.

Since then educators at the charter school have been working for two years without a contract. The teacher-led contract committee diligently attended all bargaining sessions in hopes of reaching a contract that would serve the interest of the entire school community. Negotiations reached impasse last winter.

Due to the stalled negotiations teachers salaries have been frozen and union activists have suffered harassment from the administration. AECI’s administration has engaged in a campaign of intimidation against teachers; they have suspended, terminated and otherwise disciplined union activists and supporters.

Educators at the school just want to focus on educating their students free from harassment and with a contract in place.

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Call board member John Kwok today at 917-807-3502 718-482-4806 OR 718-482-4825 and tell him to respect teachers’ rights.

Demand that the board:

  • End all retaliation by administration against teachers and staff involved in the organizing and contract campaign.
  • Respect educators’ right to strengthen their school community by advocating for the best working conditions for teachers and learning conditions for students.
  • Negotiate a contract in good faith.

Go to the UFT’s campaign page for talking points and additional information »