Teacher Tips

The AFT has developed a series of brochures, called Teacher Tips, to assist teachers in the classroom and beyond. These concise publications are an effective and useful addition to your back-to-school and throughout-the-year planning.

The Teacher Tips series include the following seven titles:
The Teacher Tips series include the following seven titles:

* Before the Year Begins�������������������������������������������������classroom arrangement and design, procedures and rules, and reinforcing teachers’ expectations

Before the Year Begins 515.84 Kb

* Creating a Classroom Team—good communication + teamwork = student success

Creating a Classroom Team 378.55 Kb

* Assigning Effective Homework—characteristics of good assignments and assigning homework dos and don’ts

assigning Effective Homework 227.36 Kb

* Building Parent-Teacher Partnerships—communication strategies and phone guidelines for talking to parents

Buiding Parent-Teacher Partnerships 350.60 Kb

* Working with Cooperative Small Groups—consideration for cooperative small groups, including how to assign small-group tasks

Working with Cooperative Small Groups 267.27 Kb

* Loan Forgiveness�������������������eligibility requirements for new teachers to forgive some of their college loans

Loan Forgiveness 148.82 Kb

* Behavior-Management Techniques for Safe Schools—preventing problem behavior and providing safe learning environments pdf Behavior-Management Techniques 226.85 Kb