Support Opportunity Charter School teachers!

The most important relationship at any school is the bond between teacher and student.  Having consistent, supportive, and empowered teachers is crucial to student success.

However, Opportunity Charter School CEO Leonard Goldberg decided to fire over a dozen teachers at the end of the school year – just days before graduation and just weeks after those same teachers decided to form a union.  These firings will disrupt the stability of the school and hurt the connection between teacher and student that is essential to student achievement.

If you are concerned about the impact this loss will have on the school, please come out to support OCS teachers tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. outside of Opportunity Charter School located at 240 W 113th Street (Between 7th and 8th Avenues). View Map

You can also reach out to Mr. Goldberg directly and tell him that you want him to reconsider these firings for the sake of Opportunity Charter School’s students.

Leonard Goldberg, CEO
(212) 866-6137